Click on the link to download a demo version of CalcMaster 2.1

  • CalcMaster is a powerful yet easy to use mathematical calculator. CalcMaster solves difficult mathematical problems whitout any need for programming skills.
  • CalcMaster is the optimal tool if you need to solve mathematical problems that lacks an analytic solution.
  • CalcMaster can visualize almost all kinds of functions/curves: ordinary, parametric, differential in both cartesic and polar coordinates.
  • CalcMaster solves ODE's fast and easily.
  • In the text calculator(with syntax highlighting) you can easily enter your calculations. Sessions in the text calculator can bee saved on disc, this is maybe the biggest benefits of CalcMaster because it gives you an opportunity to document your work.
  • CalcMaster is very easy to learn and use, it is designed to bee a tool in your every days work. You don't need to bee a professor to use CalcMaster, easy problems often have complicated mathematical solutions, that is why CalcMaster have been developed.