Click on the link to download a demo version of BeamMaster 4.1

  • BeamMaster is a shareware program that helps you dimension beams subjected to bending, torsion or axial forces. BeamMaster is the optimal tool if you need to dimension tube-profiles, sheet metal profiles, aluminium profiles, shafts and much much more.
  • BeamMaster supports many standard profiles but even completely arbitrary profiles can bee read from DXF-files. There is also a special support for sheet metal profiles that can bee created and modified "on the fly".
  • BeamMaster analyses numerically the chosen beam profile and calculates all relevant profile parameters such as area, surface moment of inertia, polar moment of inertia, section modulus, weight and much more.
  • Forces and distributed loads can fast and easily bee applied to the chosen beam, BeamMaster will then calculate displacement and stresses diagrams where you can see if the beam is strong enough. You can very easily laborate with different profiles until the beam becomes strong enough for a certain load.
  • BeamMaster is very easy to learn and use, it is designed to bee a tool in your every days work. You can fast control the dimensioning of machine legs, shafts, floor beams, sheet metal profiles and much more. BeamMaster is also an useful tool in school education.